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HVAC Care Tips For Pet Owners

July 27, 2021

Pets are members of the family – but they can also create unique complications for your heating and cooling equipment. Here are three potential problems posed by your pet – and what you can do to solve them. Problem 1: Shedding – Pet fur can quickly block HVAC air filters, causing your cooling and heating system […]

Propane Grill Safety Reminders

July 19, 2021

Summer is peak outdoor entertainment season here in New England – time to get cooking on your propane grill! Just remember to keep these important safety reminders in mind as you plan your next BBQ. Always keep your grill at least six feet away from your home on sturdy and level ground. Never leave the […]

10 Fun Facts About Propane Gas

July 7, 2021

If you use propane, you know that it’s clean, green and powerful – capable of efficiently running just about any appliance inside or outside your home. But what else do you know about this incredible gas? Here are ten interesting facts about propane – to learn even more, check out this video. Propane is one of the […]

Don’t Rush the Switch to Electric – Get the Facts!

June 21, 2021

Recent legislation in Massachusetts and across the country would dramatically change the way families heat their homes, with the seemingly worthwhile goal of eliminating fossil fuels to attain net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. While we here at W.H. Riley & Son recognize the need to combat climate change, the rollout of shortsighted bills like these […]

Eight Smart Ways To Save Money This Summer

June 14, 2021

With a hot one expected this summer here in the Northeast, your air conditioner will be working overtime – and your energy bills will show it. Want to keep those cooling bills as low as possible in the coming months? Try these tips: Set your thermostat. Used properly, a programmable thermostat could help you save 10 […]

Why Should I Swap My Window A/C For A Mini-Split?

June 2, 2021

No Ducts? No Problem! Experts are expecting a hot one in the northeast this summer, which means having an efficient and effective cooling system will be critical. The question is, are those old, clunky window units you have up to the task? If you’re interested in getting the best value for your cooling dollar – […]

How Much Propane Is Left In My Grill Tank?

May 17, 2021

May is National Barbecue month – which means it’s time to get cooking on your propane grill! Just be sure you have enough gas to get through your next cookout. If your grill is connected to your main propane tank, that means watching your fuel gauge and scheduling a propane delivery when it gets to about […]

8 Home Cooling Money Saving Tips

May 10, 2021

You wouldn’t know it based on the weather we’ve been seeing here in southeastern MA, but summer is a little more than a month away – and with it, eventually, will come those hot, muggy New England days and nights. When that weather arrives, you’ll probably be cranking your central A/C to stay comfortable, and you’ll […]

Make Your Home Greener This Spring And Summer!

May 3, 2021

Your HVAC equipment accounts for nearly half the energy your home uses during peak months, including most of the summer. The good news, if you’re a conscientious energy user, is that there are ways to chip away at that number. Whether it’s investing in super-efficient equipment, tweaking the way you use your thermostat, or just […]

Bioheat®: The Earth Day Heating Oil

April 20, 2021

The theme of 2021’s Earth Day is “Restore our Earth” – a noble aim, to be sure. The good news, if you’re a W.H. Riley & Son heating oil customer, is that you’re taking a step toward doing that every time you fill your heating oil tank. That’s because every gallon of heating oil you buy […]