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Our Guarantee

We promise Equal Pricing for All—and Much More

our guarantee

You don’t last as a business for 150 years without providing the best delivery, sales and service to your customers. While fly-by-night, bargain-basement discount dealers come and go, W.H. Riley & Son has been striving to deliver the best to their customers in southeastern Massachusetts.

W.H. Riley & Son vs. discounters

We are a full-service fuel company, which means we do so much more than put fuel in your tank. Here are just a few examples of what we give you that discount companies can’t:

  • service technicians that are licensed and skilled at helping you get the most out of your heating equipment
  • technicians that can install and service all sorts of heating and HVAC equipment so you are comfortable all year-round
  • sales and installation of heating and cooling equipment from top manufacturers
  • plumbing services for projects such as pool heaters, bathroom repairs and installation of natural gas or propane appliances
  • delivery equipment that is inspected, calibrated and sealed by the state weights and measurements department to guarantee that the amount of fuel you ask for is the amount you get
  • service contracts, so you can be assured that we’ll be here for you
  • treated fuel, with additives to provide you with a premium Bioheat® product

Equal pricing for all

Where W.H. Riley & Son truly shines is in our pricing. We go beyond competitive pricing for our fuels. We are transparent in what we offer.

And whether you’re a loyal customer of many years, or a new customer, you pay the same price for fuel. Period and full stop. We don’t make our existing customers make up the difference of a discounted introductory rate for new customers. And we don’t pull a bait-and-switch on pricing for new customers. Not many companies can make that claim.

Ready for this kind of top-notch honest service and fair pricing? Contact W.H. Riley & Son and find out about becoming a customer!