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Propane Safety

Tips for using propane safely

propane safety

The professionals at W.H. Riley & Son are your neighbors. We are dedicated to providing safe propane delivery and service to our customers in southern Massachusetts.

Our staff is trained in the latest safety standards to make sure your propane is handled with care.

What to do if you smell gas

We also want you to know how to protect yourself in case you smell gas in your home, business, fleet vehicle, camper, RV or the area around any gas equipment. Should you ever smell gas, these steps are vital to protecting lives and property and should be taken IMMEDIATELY:

  • Extinguish any open flames, sources of ignition or smoking materials like cigarettes.
  • Immediately vacate the house, building, vehicle or area.
  • Do not use any telephones, thermostats, electric switches or appliances until you are safely away from the area.
  • Close the gas shutoff valve on the propane cylinder or tank, if you can safely access it.
  • Do not return to the building, house or area, or try to turn on the propane supply valve, even if you no longer smell gas. You must give emergency personnel or qualified propane service technicians time to check for escaped propane gas.
  • Have a properly trained propane service technician repair the leak. Before anyone is allowed to return to the area, they or emergency personnel must determine that the problem has been safely resolved.
  • The propane service technician should also carefully inspect all gas appliances and relight all gas appliance pilots.
  • Do not try to return to the house, building or area until the propane safety technician or emergency personnel give permission for you to do so.

W.H. Riley & Son wants to make sure you know how to approach propane safety in and around your home or business. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has developed these learning modules to help you learn about consumer safety when it comes to dealing with propane appliances for everything from heating your home to cooking food.

Propane Safety + Operation Tips

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has created the informative videos below to tell you all about propane safety!

Trust W.H. Riley & Son with safe and reliable propane services. Become a customer today!