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Heating Oil Delivery in Bristol County and nearby

Count on W.H. Riley & Son as a full service heating oil provider

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We have a long history of delivering the best products with the best service.

That’s what W.H. Riley & Son has been doing for the residents and businesses in southeastern Massachusetts since 1873.

In an era of fly-by-night discounters selling bargain-basement heating oil with no service, no storage facilities and no promise that they’ll have oil when you need it, the quality of W.H. Riley & Son’s heating oil delivery service stands out even more.

W.H. Riley & Son gives you the comfort of a long history of providing the highest quality in heating oil, heating oil delivery and customer service that is worth so much more than anything a discounter can offer.

Automatic home oil delivery is easy and convenient

With automatic delivery, we’ll monitor both the local weather and your fuel use, so we’ll know when you need a heating oil delivery. That means you’ll never run out of heating oil when you need it most.

Because we have a team of trained, experienced professionals, we can offer something the discounters usually don’t: Automatic delivery service.

When you’re on our automatic delivery plan, you don’t have to worry about watching your tank and remembering to call for more fuel.

We keep track of your fuel use, and when you need heating oil, we automatically come and fill your tank. And the best part is, we don’t charge you extra for this service.

If a nor’easter is on the way or we are gripped by a prolonged cold spell, we plan extra deliveries and make sure you have enough heating oil in plenty of time. When temperatures are more moderate and you use less fuel, the time between deliveries is longer.

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Bioheat Plus®fuel creates a cleaner-burning oil with fewer emissions.

Calling for your fuel

If you prefer to call for your deliveries, that’s fine. But here are just three reasons most of our customers choose automatic deliveries over calling for their fuel.

  • If your oil tank gauge is faulty, you could get a false reading.
  • Non-automatic customers may incur extra costs when emergency fuel is required.
  • If a sudden cold snap hits, you could use more fuel in a shorter time than you may have expected—raising the risk of a run-out.

We deliver a treated heating oil to mobile homes and to other customers who use outside tanks for their heating systems. We inject an additive to the oil which will prevent it from gelling in bitterly cold temperatures.

Heating oil service there when you need it

When it comes to heating oil service from a discounter, you have no idea what you could get. You could get no service, or they may offer some bare-bones service done through a poorly trained subcontractor. When you need emergency delivery or service, those pennies saved on going through a discounter could really cost you.

W.H. Riley & Son is a full-service heating oil company. We have our own storage facilities at both of our locations in North Attleboro and Taunton. Oil discounters usually have to buy their oil “off the rack,” and they may not have enough on hand to meet their customers’ needs, especially during long cold snaps.

Since oil discounters are usually small, one- to two-person operations, they don’t have the people or the vehicles to provide the quality heating oil delivery service that W.H. Riley & Son has been providing for generations.

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When you’re our customer, you don’t have to keep checking your oil tank levels and worrying about running low in a cold snap. You don’t have to call to set up a delivery. We monitor your fuel usage and schedule the delivery for you. You get the peace of mind that comes with a dependable heating oil provider.

Payment options to fit all needs

W.H. Riley & Son doesn’t try a bait-and-switch pricing plan to pull you in. Our Equal Pricing Policy means existing customers won’t have to pay more to cover the discounts for new customers. And new customers won’t get sticker shock when their introductory rate ends. All of our residential customers pay the same fair, competitive price for their heating oil.

When it comes to managing your heating oil payments, we have a way to take the stress out. Our Easy Pay plan, which runs from September through July, ends the fluctuations that come with the weather. Your payments are spread out into equal monthly payments. And our Easy Pay plan lets you roll in the cost of your service plan!

Another way we make managing your heating oil account easy is our Autopay option. Your credit card or debit card pays your bill directly each month. No more worrying about the check getting here in time, or the stress that comes from forgetting to pay your bill online.

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With W.H. Riley & Son, you’ll get the best products and services for your Southeastern Massachusetts home

We know that keeping your family comfortable and safe is your priority. It’s ours as well! We deliver only top quality heating oil to our Southeastern Massachusetts customers. In fact, our customers in Attleboro and the surrounding area have enjoyed the personalized service we offer for nearly 150 years, and we’re proud to continue in this tradition now and as we look to the future.

Learn about Bioheat Plus® fuel today!

From automatic delivery to repairs and installations to indoor air quality (IAQ) products, W.H. Riley & Son gives its customers in Mansfield and the neighboring communities a home heating experience that is unmatched.

Discover the difference a full-service heating oil provider can offer. Become a W.H. Riley & Son customer today!