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Full-service plumbing company for Bristol County and nearby

plumbing service in bristol county

Plumbing services inside & out

Whether you need plumbing services W.H. Riley & Son can do the job.

We only have top professionals when it comes to service for our customers and plumbing is no exception. Patrick, our Master Plumber, has years of experience.

Not only do we sell top-quality equipment like boilers and water heaters, we offer plumbing services to go with them. Here are some of what we provide with our plumbing services:

  • installation and service of propane and natural gas heating systems, water heaters and appliances such as gas clothes dryers and gas cooktops, gas stoves and gas ovens
  • installation and service of oil heating systems
  • installation and service of propane and natural gas space heaters, generators, and more
  • installation and repair of electric water heaters
  • plumbing installation and repairs for sinks, toilets and faucets

Full-service plumbing company for Bristol County


Reliable plumbers are always difficult to find. But at W.H. Riley & Son, we’ve expanded the plumbing division in our service department to help you with all your home and business needs.

In addition to installation and plumbing for propane appliances, W.H. Riley can help in many ways, including the following:

  • Remodeling your kitchen? We can help you with any plumbing needed, whether adding an appliance or moving fixtures.
  • Adding a bathroom? W.H. Riley can promptly install the toilets and sinks you need.
  • Got a leaky faucet? A toilet that needs replacing? A blocked drain? Our licensed plumbers can get the job done for you!

Our plumbing services are available during business hours only. Please call 508-822-1282 to set up an appointment.

Plumbing continues to evolve—and so have we

A lot has changed in homes since our founding, especially in terms of comfort, cleanliness and convenience.

Indoor plumbing has evolved to include steam showers and jetted tubs in the bathroom, ice and water dispensers in our refrigerators and propane and natural gas cooking appliances that help you make meals like a celebrity chef.

To make sure all of these appliances and systems are running as well as possible, and to upgrade to new appliances and fixtures, you need a plumber.

W.H. Riley & Son is there for you.

Our plumbing service professionals can work with your contractor or builder on your new homes or renovations to your existing home.

Plumbing for new construction and remodeling

Are you building a new home or home addition, or renovating your existing home? Our plumbing service professionals can work with your contractor or builder.

The pros at W.H. Riley & Son understand that, like with your propane delivery or heating oil delivery, you want the flexibility to manage your plumbing service costs. That’s why we offer easy payment plans and financing programs that cover plumbing installations, plumbing maintenance and plumbing repairs.

Count on the plumbing professionals at W.H. Riley & Son

We believe in quality work, not in cutting corners. We will not use drain cleaners containing harmful chemicals, which can severely damage your pipes and plumbing systems over time.

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We respect that your time and property are valuable. So we will do our work efficiently, to prevent inconveniences to you and to head off repeat visits. And we will treat your property as if it were our own.

W.H. Riley & Son’s plumbing services are available weekdays during regular business hours. Massachusetts plumbing license #MA-4148.

Need plumbing services for your home or business in southeastern Massachusetts? Contact W.H. Riley & Son to find out more about our residential and commercial plumbing services.