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Propane service for North Attleboro, Taunton, & Nearby

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One of the advantages of being in business since 1873 is that we know southeastern Massachusetts better than any other fuel provider.

And that means we’re the company you can count on to get great propane delivery and service.

While our business has evolved since our days of delivering straw and moving furniture, and our service area has grown, what we stand for remains: Providing the highest-quality fuels and maintaining the highest standards of service for our residential and commercial customers.

Propane enhances your home life

Propane makes the quality of life better around your home.

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Your cooking will be kicked up several notches with a propane stove. There’s a reason professional chefs overwhelmingly prefer propane for cooking. It has the precise, instant temperature control and even heating that an electric stove just cannot match.

And if your old heating system isn’t keeping your home warm enough, consider an upgrade to a high-efficiency propane furnace or propane boiler. A propane home heating system will keep your home warm without breaking the bank.

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Propane Heating Equipment & Appliances

Propane water heaters provide hot water for your baths and dishwashers, and can power tankless water heaters so you have hot water on demand, and no more waiting for the water tank to reheat before taking a shower.

Make your Southeastern Massachusetts summers even better with propane! It’s not just for grills. Propane fire pits provide a cozy gathering spot and propane patio heaters and pool and spa heaters extend the summer fun.

And, when the power goes out, a propane generator keeps your house safe, lit and warm (or cool).

The W.H. Riley & Son professionals are experts in propane for home use. Contact us to learn more!

Commercial Propane Uses

W.H. Riley & Son has the skills and experience that come from almost 150 years in business to meet your propane needs with fair pricing and stellar service.

Propane is an essential part of many businesses in Southeastern Massachusetts.

When the power’s out, you can keep your business running and your doors open with a propane generator. It can also provide the power for HVAC during an outage to protect vital and costly technology equipment like servers and computers.

Fleet vehicles, such as delivery trucks and shuttle buses, can run on propane autogas with lower emissions and easier maintenance.

Factories and warehouses are perfect for propane. It has low emissions that are also nontoxic. That means it can run forklifts both indoors and out, as well as fuel torches and welders.

Restaurants and commercial or institutional kitchens use propane for high-volume, high-quality cooking with precise temperature control to make every dish delicious.

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Construction companies use propane in many ways. It’s the fuel for lots of construction vehicles as well as equipment. Propane generators can charge power tools.

Residential construction companies can use propane in their projects to build energy-efficient homes that homebuyers want.

W.H. Riley & Son has the skills and experience that come from almost 150 years in business to meet your propane needs with fair pricing and stellar service.

Find out more about how propane can work for you. Reach out and become a W.H. Riley & Son customer today!