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Do Galvanized Pipes Need To Be Replaced?

Signs it may be time for an upgrade

galvanized pipes Bridgewater, MA Since most of the things that we find throughout our homes inevitably do not last forever, replacing items that we live with and use frequently is more or less common practice and nothing particularly out of the ordinary. So it may go without saying that this holds true when it comes to our home’s plumbing system and galvanized pipes.

Galvanized pipes and plumbing explained

Lead pipes were the popular plumbing choice for many years until about 1986, which is when they were deemed unsafe and the Safe Water Drinking Act (which subsequently allowed the EPA to monitor the quality of the water we drink) came into play.

Even though lead pipes were common until the mid 1980’s, galvanized pipes came into the picture prior to this as a safer alternative.

Galvanized pipes are pipes that are made of steel. They are supposed to protect a home’s plumbing system from corrosion and rust with a preventative zinc coating. Galvanized pipes were frequently used within the plumbing industry prior to and throughout the 1970’s.

While galvanized pipes can hold up and last for anywhere from 30 to 70 years, they eventually wear out and rot as a result of corrosion.

Replacing galvanized pipes

Galvanized pipes are no longer used within the plumbing industry. This is due to both health reasons and the fact that they can damage a home’s water supply. So if your plumbing system is operating with the help of galvanized pipes, you may want to consider a replacement.

There are also some clear signals that indicate replacing your galvanized pipes might be necessary. These signs include:

  • Lower water pressure than what you’re used to
  • Noticeably brown or rusty looking water coming out of your sinks, tubs or showers
  • Visible rust near the pipe joints
  • Ruptured pipes and leaks

The bad news is that the above problems and galvanized pipes themselves can’t be fixed. The only alternative is a full-blown replacement.

The good news is that W.H. Riley & Son is a full-service plumbing company who can help you fully replace your old plumbing system.

Plumbing services from W.H. Riley

Whatever your plumbing needs are for your Southeastern Massachusetts home, the professionals at W.H. Riley & Son can get the job done. We carry and sell top-quality boilers and water heaters and offer the plumbing services they need to keep working properly. Our full service plumbing services include the installation and repairs of faucets, sinks, toilets and electric water heaters.

On top of that, the professionals at W.H. Riley & Son can:

  • Install and service your home’s oil heating system
  • Install and service heating systems (whether they use propane or natural gas), water heaters and various other appliances such as gas clothes dryers, gas cook tops, gas stoves and gas ovens
  • Install and service both propane and natural gas space heaters and generators

When you need a plumbing job done effectively, efficiently and in a cost effective way, turn to W.H. Riley. If you need to upgrade your current home’s pipes or if you are building a new house and need a plumbing service to partner with your contractor, our team can help.

Contact W.H. Riley & Son today to learn more about the plumbing services we offer both home and business owners throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.