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Fuel Oil Vs. Heating Oil: What’s The Difference?

The two are not the same

heating oil Franklin, MA You may heat your Southeastern Massachusetts house through a boiler or a furnace. And if you do, you probably know that you need some kind of oil for whichever heating system is in your home in order for it to run and operate. But you may not necessarily know if you need fuel oil or heating oil and you may not even know that there is a difference between these two things. But there actually is.

Similarities between fuel oil and heating oil

Yes, fuel oil and heating oil do differ. However, they do share certain similarities and have similar origins. Here is a look at how they are alike:

  • Both fuel oil and heating oil are by-products of crude oil
  • They are both made through a process of distillation, which is when crude oil gets refined
  • Fuel oil and heating oil are both made out of hydrocarbons that have been taken out of crude oil, purified and then blended

Despite the above elements that fuel oil and heating oil have in common, they are used in different ways and for different things.

How fuel oil and heating oil are different

Fuel oil can be thought of as a general term that includes heating oil. Heating oil is basically one specific type of fuel oil. To break it down very simply, all heating oil is fuel oil, but not all fuel oil is heating oil.

Heating oil is basically only used to heat homes and commercial offices.

Fuel oil can also be used to power a home or commercial heating system. However, it can do more than that. Fuel oil, specifically diesel fuel, which falls under the fuel oil category, can also power certain kinds of vehicles.

When you compare fuel oil to heating oil, you will also find that fuel oil is usually a heavier fuel.

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