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When William H. Riley and his son Elmer launched W.H. Riley & Son nearly 150 years ago, the focus was on heating homes in Southeastern Massachusetts. In those days, it was with coal and wood. Over the years, however, W.H. Riley also provided other services, including construction and hauling materials.

Today, keeping your home warm remains our top priority, now with oil and propane. But we also keep your home cool in the summer and install and service the equipment you need to keep comfortable.

Now, W.H. Riley is offering a new service – plumbing.

John, our Master Plumber, has years of experience in the field. Here are some of the products and services we provide:

These services are available weekdays during regular business hours. We reserve emergency 24-hour service for our fuel-buying customers.

For nearly a century and a half, you’ve been able to rely on W.H. Riley for heating and other needs. Now, you can rely on Riley for your plumbing needs.

Contact us at 508-699-4651, 508-822-1282 or info@whriley.com or visit our website, www.whriley.com.