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fuel service massachusettsWe know you live busy lives. But a quick phone call or note to us can help us to serve you better.

That’s especially true when it comes to fuel deliveries. Most of W.H. Riley & Son’s customers have automatic deliveries, freeing them from having to monitor their tanks and calling us for delivery.

Fuel deliveries are usually based on a couple of main factors: how cold it has been and how quickly you have consumed oil or propane in the past. To avoid the possibility of you running out of fuel, we try to get that delivery to you before there’s less than a quarter of a tank.

Factors in Changing Fuel Needs

However, there are changes to your home that can lead to an increase or decrease in your fuel consumption. These include:

Please contact W.H. Riley if one of these situations arises. We can be reached at 508-699-4651, 508-822-1282 or at