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Choosing The Right Home Heating System

Which one is right for you?

Homeowners are constantly faced with decisions to make. Which furniture is going to look best in this specific room? Should we hire someone to take care of the landscaping? And (here in Southeastern Massachusetts) which home heating system is right for us?

Home heating systems

It is common for homes to have either boilers or furnaces to heat their homes. While boilers and furnaces are both used for heating purposes, they differ in the way they work and provide heat.

The easiest way to spot the difference between boilers and furnaces is to look for radiators and vents. Boilers have radiators (otherwise known as baseboards). Furnaces have vents.

How boilers work

Boilers are hydronic heating systems that use either hot water or steam to provide heat to a home heating system. They burn fuel to heat water and that water is then pumped through in-floor radiant tubing, baseboards, radiators or other sealed hydronic devices within your home. Once it has done completed the job that water goes back to the home heating system unit and does the same thing all over again.

Boilers that use steam for heat convert their hot water to steam before that water starts circulating through a house and providing heat.

How furnaces work

Unlike boilers, furnaces do not use hot water or steam to produce heat. Furnaces are, instead, forced air systems that burn fuel to create hot air. They then push that hot air through a system of ducts that lead to a home’s vents.

Choosing a home heating system

When thinking about the home heating system that would work best for you and your family, it’s important to consider the advantages of each one.

Here are some benefits that boilers offer:

  • Boilers make less noise than furnaces and don’t dry out your home.
  • Since they don’t use fans or blowers they don’t blow allergens, dust or dirt into a house.
  • They have a long equipment life.
  • They are better for providing even heating throughout a home.
  • Since boilers don’t involve ductwork there is no chance of duct leaks, which can lead to heat loss.

Here are some advantages of using a furnace:

  • Furnaces don’t take up as much space as boilers do.
  • A homeowner typically spends less money on furnace maintenance and repairs.
  • They can be connected to programmable thermostats, which can help homeowners save both money and energy.
  • They tend to work faster than other heating systems.
  • Furnaces are very efficient when it comes to using energy. In fact, the furnaces that are on the market today have Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratings of over 90%.
  • The ductwork that furnaces use can also be used for a home’s air conditioning system, which can make central air conditioning systems more affordable.

W.H. Riley & Son can help with your home heating needs

The professionals at W.H. Riley & Son can help you find the right furnace or boiler for your Southeastern Massachusetts home. We can also handle installations, maintenance and repairs and we will help ensure that your heating system runs as efficiently as possible.

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