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Do Cold Temperatures Affect Propane?

How the winter weather has an impact

propane Taunton, MA Cold weather and winter weather can affect a lot of things. It impacts traffic and, sometimes, our ability to get from point A to point B, what we wear and, in some cases, our moods. A drop in temperature and bitter weather can also affect propane.

Propane, propane tanks and cold temperatures

It is important for propane customers to know how to prepare for the winter and what to expect once the temperatures drop. Here is a look at the impact that cold temperatures can have on both propane and propane tanks:

  • Propane tanks can get buried in snow. An intense snowstorm or blizzard can cause snow to pile up so much that it ends up completely covering a home’s propane tank to the point that the tank is no longer visible. To avoid losing sight of your propane tank completely, consider putting a flag, pole or stake right next to it so that it is easy to locate no matter how much snow you get.
  • A propane tank’s pressure can decrease. Significantly low temperatures (think about -42 degrees Celsius) can cause pressure inside a propane tank to drop. If this pressure were to drop too much, the propane inside the tank would no longer be able to effectively power the heating equipment it’s being used for to heat a home.
  • Appliances can stop working. Any type of severe weather, cold temperatures included, can impact an appliance’s ability to work and function. If you come across a propane appliance that is not working, we suggest shutting off your main gas supply, especially if you are suspicious of a gas leak.
  • The chance of a gas leak increases. Both snow and ice can find their way into propane tank regulators, vents, piping and valves. This increases the chances of a gas leak.
  • Venting may become an issue. Flues, chimneys and vents can get blocked by snow and ice. This will prevent propane from being able to vent properly.

Propane related tips for the winter

Yes, cold temperatures and the winter weather affect propane, but there are certain things a homeowner can do to prepare for and make it through the cooler months.

If it snows, clear off the snow and ice that gets on your propane tank, near your propane tank and on your propane tank’s regulator as soon as you can. You want to avoid letting this snow and ice accumulate since that accumulation can increase your chances of damage.

Don’t let yourself run out of propane in the middle of winter. Make sure you place your next order when your tank is 25% full to reduce your chances of being without any propane at all.

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