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How Do I Order Heating Oil?

What You Need To Know So You Don’t Run Out

heating oil delivery North Attleboro, MA Those of us in Southeastern Massachusetts who rely on heating oil to heat our homes know just how important the fuel is. We also know that running out of heating oil is less than ideal, especially in the dead of winter. That is partially why it is so important to know exactly how and when to order it.

Ways To Order Heating Oil

There are a couple options when it comes to how you can order your heating oil:

  • Contact your heating oil supplier directly: This can be as easy as picking up the phone and placing a call. We always recommend placing your next heating oil delivery before your tank is less than ¼ full. This helps you avoid running out of heating oil entirely.
  • Automatic deliveries: With this option, W.H. Riley & Son is able to monitor your heating oil usage based on estimates of how much fuel you use and we schedule deliveries accordingly. There is no need for you to check and monitor your oil tank levels or contact us with this service.

Preparing For A Heating Oil Delivery

In addition to knowing how to order your next supply of heating oil, it is also important to know how to prepare for a heating oil delivery. This preparation helps keep heating oil professionals safe and work as efficiently as possible. Following the below tips will get you ready for your next heating oil delivery:

  • Make sure you are reachable: Being reachable by phone or in person is important on delivery day in case something unexpected occurs. Make sure that we have your updated contact information (phone and email) so we can reach you in case something unexpected occurs.
  • Make a path to your fill pipe or fill vent: Take the time to clear a path to your fill pipe or fill vent as snow, ice and debris can all be a safety hazard for delivery teams.
  • Secure your pets: Securing any animals helps keep both heating oil delivery professionals and your pets safe.
  • Open gates: If your tank is behind a gate that you normally keep locked, make sure you unlock and open it before your scheduled heating oil delivery or make sure someone is home and available to unlock it upon delivery.
  • Clear your driveway: If drivers are going to need to access and pull into your driveway, make sure you take the time to clear this prior to delivery as well. Shovel away any snow, salt any ice and brush away any debris. Remove bicycles, scooters, toys, and other items from the driveway and the path to your heating oil tank. Don’t forget to remove any pet poop from the path to your tank, as it can cause slipping when the delivery driver is carrying that heavy hose to your tank.

Count On W.H. Riley & Son For Your Heating Oil

Not only can homeowners in Bristol County count on W.H. Riley & Son for their heating oil, but we also happen to offer the best quality heating oil at the fairest prices in the area. On top of that, our heating oil is clean burning, which is good for your heating system’s lifespan and efficiency.

In addition to our automatic delivery option, we also deliver Bioheat Plus® fuel, which burns even more cleanly than our standard heating oil. This helps our customers save money.

So if you are in Southeastern Massachusetts and are looking for a full-service heating oil provider contact W.H. Riley & Son today!