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Advantages of Using Propane Appliances

Some reasons to consider using propane

propane equipment Wrentham, ma Using electronics and appliances are a standard part of our everyday lives these days. And because these electronics and appliances are so integrated into our lives, thinking about what you use to power them and how you can benefit from powering them a certain way is an important thing to think about.

Why Use Propane?

Lots of the appliances and electronics that we use on a regular basis can be powered either by electricity or propane, a “green” alternative fuel.

Many people make the switch from electric appliances to propane appliances thanks to all the advantages and benefits provide can provide. Curious to know what these advantages and benefits are? Here are a few:

  • Propane benefits the environment: We already mentioned that propane is considered a “green” fuel, which means it is environmentally friendly. It is considered to be one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels and it produces close to no greenhouse gas. Homes that rely solely on propane will produce 30% fewer carbon emissions than all-electric homes and propane appliances have a smaller carbon footprint than electric appliances do. Additionally, propane is nontoxic and not harmful to air quality, plant life, water or soil.
  • Propane appliances are efficient: If you compare certain propane appliances such as water heaters, space heaters and clothes dryers to their electric versions you will find that these appliances operate more efficiently when using propane. For example, a water heater that uses propane will produce twice as much hot water as an electric water heater. Clothes dryers dry clothes faster when they are powered by propane. This high level of efficiency helps propane appliances reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Propane is cost effective: The fact that propane appliances are so efficient also helps save propane customers money. Propane prices are also typically pretty stable and consistent, which leaves less room for surprise when receiving your bills.
  • Propane is convenient: Propane is incredibly versatile and can be used to power and fuel a long list of items both inside and outside of your home, which makes it extremely convenient.
  • Propane works in a blackout: Obviously, if there is a power outage, anything that uses electricity won’t work. This is not the case for propane-powered appliances. They will still work and operate even during a blackout.

Turn to W.H. Riley & Son For Your Propane

If you are in southeastern Massachusetts and are looking to make the switch over to propane or are looking to use propane for more appliances throughout your home, W.H. Riley & Son can help. We can deliver propane, install propane appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, and boilers and provide the piping you need to run all your propane appliances. We are a full-service company that offers automatic propane deliveries, 24-hour emergency call coverage, various payment plans and plumbing services for propane powered pool heaters, grills and stoves.

Whether you are a homeowner or a local business owner, we are here to provide you with high quality propane fuel, dependable service and competitive propane prices.

Contact W.H. Riley & Son today to hear more about our propane services.