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Troubleshooting Tips for Your Air Conditioning

air conditioning Lakeville, ma One thing is for sure – you do not want to be stuck with an air conditioning unit that isn’t working properly in the midst of a hot, humid southeastern Massachusetts summer. If you do find yourself in this situation, W.H. Riley & Son is ready and able to help. However, before you contact us for any sort of servicing and repairs there are some things you can do on your own to try to get your air conditioning up and running.

How To Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning is on, but doesn’t seem to be doing its job and cooling your house down, here is what we recommend you try:

  • Make sure your thermostat is set to “cool” or “air conditioning.”
  • Walk around your home and look at all the vents to make sure anything like dust, curtains and furniture isn’t blocking the vent’s openings. It is also a good idea to clean around the AC’s outdoor unit and move any bushes, grass or leaves that could be preventing airflow.
  • Inspect your condenser to double check that it’s running. If it’s not running, make sure the power switch is turned to “on.” Next step would be to check your circuit breakers before turning off the power and looking for debris inside the condenser.
  • Look to see that all power switches for the air conditioner itself are on.
  • Check for any possible refrigerant leaks and frozen coils.
  • Clean the air filters and replace any that are dirty or clogged. Air filters should be changed on a regular basis and especially at the start of summer. Clean air filters allow your air conditioners to operate with a high level of efficiency.

Tune Up Your Air Conditioner with W.H. Riley & Son

If you’re finding that the above tips and tricks don’t work, it may be time to schedule a tune-up with W.H. Riley & Son. We recommend scheduling air conditioning maintenance for the end of summer or early fall so that by the time those hot spring and summer days roll around you know your air conditioner is good to go. This also leaves plenty of time for the W.H. Riley & Son professionals to repair any major damage, order any replacement parts or upgrade your system if necessary. Since we also offer boiler and furnace maintenance, we can conveniently service your heating system at the same time.

W.H. Riley & Son Is Here To Help

W.H. Riley & Son is one of the leading air conditioning providers in southeastern Massachusetts. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians truly do it all, including AC maintenance, repairs and replacements. We also will check to see that all system parts are fully lubricated and that there is a proper supply of refrigerant.

Remember, routine professional maintenance helps keep your air conditioning operating effectively and decreases your chances of system breakdowns. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with all your air conditioning needs.