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Can You Have Too Many Propane Appliances?

propane appliances Mansfield, ma When it comes to selecting a fuel to help heat and power your home or business, propane is a top contender. And it should be since it is one of the most versatile energy sources available. Propane is commonly used for outdoor grills thanks to its convenience and how easy it makes the grilling process. But it can also be used for so many additional home and commercial appliances

Ways To Use Propane

The list of ways that you can use propane in your home or business is extensive. You can use propane to:

  • Heat homes and offices
  • Heat water
  • Cook on a stove-top
  • Dry clothes in a dryer
  • Heat pools and hot tubs
  • Light fire pits
  • Run fleets of vehicles such as delivery trucks and shuttle buses
  • Power forklifts

How Many Propane Appliances Can You Have?

When it comes to the number of propane appliances you can in your home or office there really is no limit. In fact, the more appliances you have that are fueled by propane the better since propane is highly efficient, environmentally friendly and economical. By adding more propane appliances to your house or office you will actually increase the performance level of your appliances and save money on energy costs. All propane appliances can actually be linked to one single propane tank that the professionals at W.H. Riley can install and service.

Why Propane?

Propane’s versatility is not the only benefit the fuel has to offer. Propane also:

  • Does not rely on gas lines or power grids, which means there’s no need to worry about being left without hot water or heat in the event of a power outage when your home or office is powered by propane.
  • Helps appliances work faster than they otherwise would, which makes it extremely efficient.
  • Saves its users both time and money thanks to its efficiency.
  • Helps extend the lifespan of appliances since it is a clean-burning fuel.

Propane Safety

If you do use propane, it’s always advised to know what to do in the event you smell gas. Here are some important safety steps to follow if you do suspect a propane leak:

  • Turn off the propane tank valve if it is accessible and safe to do so
  • Vacate your home or office immediately and keep a safe distance
  • Call both the fire department and your propane supplier
  • Avoid lighting matches and using light switches at the source of the suspected leak
  • Only return to your home or office once a professional has deemed it safe to do so

Where W.H. Riley comes in

If you are in the southeastern Massachusetts area and are looking to make the switch to propane or if you are thinking about adding additional propane appliances to your home or office let W.H. Riley help. We are ready and able to install a wide selection of propane furnaces and water heaters. We can also provide propane and piping to fuel all your propane appliances.

Contact us today to learn more about our propane services.