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Is a Mini-Split or Central Air Right For Your Home?

air conditioning installation Rehobeth, maIf there’s one thing those of us in Southern Massachusetts are sure of it’s that we need working air conditioning for those hot and humid summer months. The question is, what kind of air conditioning system is right for your home?

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home’s air conditioning system or looking for a new home, figuring out what type of air conditioning system will work best for you and your family is an important factor to consider.

Two of the options out there are central air conditioning and a mini-split system (also known as ductless air conditioners).

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioners work in tandem with your house’s air handler fan or furnace. Central air conditioning systems bring warm air into your home via a house’s duct work and then, as the air moves along the system’s evaporator coil, the air’s natural heat is removed, thus turning into cool air. These systems are great at cooling a whole house at one time and, when used with a furnace, can provide heat in the winter. Central air conditioning needs regular and routine maintenance to ensure that the system is working properly.

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-Split air conditioning systems are a smart alternative to using window air conditioners for homes without ductwork.

Here’s how they work: two parts of a mini-split system, the indoor air handler and the outdoor condenser or heat pump, connect to a home’s outer wall with a small pipe. This makes different cooling zones in a house since a single condenser can accommodate up to four air handlers.

The Benefits of a Mini-Split System

If you’re building an addition to your home or if your house has a room that just never seems to get cool, a mini-split air conditioning system is a great go to option. The same goes for houses with a boiler-based heating system.

If you’re wondering what the pros are of a mini-split system compared to window units and central air systems, you should know that mini split systems:

  • Are environmentally friendly. This is because they use less electricity than window air conditioners and central AC systems.
  • Cost less. Mini-split systems are highly efficient, which means they use less resources to run, which means you save money. In fact, most ductless systems have a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating of 20 or more. A rating of 14 is all that’s required of air conditioners, which is right around the typical rating of window units.
  • Improve air quality. The cold air and condensation that combines with ductwork increases your home’s chances for growing mold and other various microorganisms, which decreases the amount of healthy air in your home.
  • Easy installation. Most of the time, all you need is access to an external wall to install a mini-split system and installation usually only takes about a day.

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