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Do You Need Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Top Reasons You Should Service Your AC

ac tune-up Taunton, ma Winter may have officially bid farewell, but it can still be quite cold this time of year. If you are not focused on preparing to power on your AC just yet, you aren’t the only one. Summer temperatures will arrive before we know it, though, and you’ll want your air conditioner ready to go when you need it most. Read on to learn more about why giving your AC some TLC as summer approaches in Southeastern Massachusetts is a good idea.

Benefits of air conditioner maintenance

There are many perks of air conditioning maintenance, especially as the warmer months draw near, including that it enables you to:

  • Make the most of your AC’s lifespan: Proper AC maintenance can prevent inconvenient and costly repair in the future. It also keeps your air conditioning system running efficiently and helps it have a longer lifespan. In other words, thorough AC maintenance is the best way to ensure a minor problem that could have easily been fixed by a professional doesn’t spell the end for your air conditioner this summer.
  • Stay comfortable all summer: There’s no reason to be uncomfortable in your own home. Most breakdowns are preventable with regular air conditioning maintenance.
  • Increase your energy-efficiency to save on utility bills: Just like a vehicle your home’s AC system needs regular maintenance to perform at its best. A tune-up ensures that your air conditioner will run at peak efficiency to lower your utility bills. In fact, a system that’s running efficiently can save you as much as 30% on your cooling costs.
  • Know when maintenance doesn’t make sense anymore: Of course, most air conditioning systems have a lifespan between 12 and 15 years. If your system is older and maintenance and repairs are no longer cost-efficient, it’s time for an upgrade, and we can help with that, too.
  • Prevent breakdowns with an upgrade: Whether you’re adding air conditioning or upgrading to a new system, W.H. Riley & Son’s trained and certified air conditioning technicians have the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the right air conditioning system for your home or business. We can handle helping you select the right AC system for you, and the installation.

When should you have your air conditioning serviced and what does it involve?

If you have central air conditioning, having it serviced in the spring or fall is optimal, since maintenance tasks and any necessary repairs are easier to complete while it’s still comfortable to work outdoors. That’s why it’s a good idea to get started with a tune-up, before the sweltering weather arrives.

W.H. Riley & Son’s service technicians provide a thorough air conditioning maintenance service that goes beyond simply replacing the filter. We carefully:

  • Inspect all parts of your AC system for wear or problems,
  • Make sure moving parts are properly lubricated, and,
  • Ensure your system has enough refrigerant to operate efficiently.

W.H. Riley & Son has your comfort covered, so schedule your tune-up now!

Be sure to get on your favorite technician’s schedule for air conditioner maintenance this spring! You’ll thank yourself later when you reach out to us to make your appointment today! Contact W.H. Riley & Son to become a customer and set up a service call. We’re ready to meet all of your fuel delivery, equipment and energy service needs!