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What Does A Propane Leak Smell Like?

Know The Facts About Propane & Propane Safety

propane smell North Attleboro, ma Propane is helping to fuel countless homes and businesses these days. As one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, it’s incredibly versatile – it can be used to heat both your home and water, for cooking, for drying clothes and for running heavy machinery such as forklifts and commercial lawn mowers.

Benefits of Propane

The benefits of propane don’t stop with its versatility. In addition to the numerous uses for your home and business, propane:

  • Is safe and non-toxic.
  • Is environmentally beneficial. A propane-fueled house releases less carbon emissions than all-electric homes and is, therefore, considered green. Propane also produces very little greenhouse gas.
  • Is efficient. Because it’s so efficient, appliances that are fueled by propane use less energy, which means they take up a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Can provide you and your family with a sense of security. If your home has a propane generator you can rest assured knowing that your heat won’t be affected in the event of a New England power outage.

Propane Safety

While propane clearly offers numerous benefits, it is important to make sure you’re using the fuel and propane powered appliances safely. You can help ensure your safety by:

  • Making sure your propane-powered equipment is well maintained, up to date and serviced when necessary.
  • Marking your propane tank with something like a flag or bright cloth so that it can be seen above piles and piles of snow.
  • Keeping a supply of extra propane on hand so that you never run out. W.H. Riley & Son can help with this with our automatic propane delivery services.
  • Clearing snow and debris from the path leading up to your propane tank so that anyone who needs to can easily access it.

What To Do If You Smell Gas

While, propane is very safe, it is important handle it with care and to know what to do if you ever smell gas, which would have a scent similar to a rotten egg, the spray from a skunk or a dead animal. If you ever do smell gas, you should:

  • Evacuate the home, office or car where you are.
  • Immediately put out any open flames and make sure no one around you is smoking a cigarette.
  • Secure the gas shutoff valve on your propane tank as long as it’s easily accessible.
  • Stop the use of appliances, phones and thermostats.
  • Avoid touching any light switches and the propane supply valve.
  • Call a professional propane service technician to assist and do not return to the location of the gas smell until a technician tells you it’s okay.

W.H. Riley & Son is proud to offer both residential and commercial customers highly regarded service as well as highly regarded, high quality fuels. In fact, we’ve been offering these services and products to Southeastern Massachusetts since 1873. You can count on us for automatic propane deliveries and routine product maintenance and repairs. Contact us today to learn more.