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Winter Heating Oil Delivery

An Important Checklist

heating oil delivery massachusetts For many communities in America, this has already proven to be a challenging and in some cases dangerous, winter. Record snowfall. Power outages. Freezing temperatures. This winter hasn’t been easy.

At W.H. Riley, we care about your family’s safety and comfort. We offer top-quality heating oil for the best price and pair that with outstanding service. You can count on us to be there when you need us, because we’re a full-service heating oil company. We have our own storage facilities as well as the staff and fleet of vehicles to meet our customers’ needs.

As a customer, there are some things you can do to help us serve you more efficiently and safely.

Winter Heating Oil Delivery Checklist

By using the following checklist, you’ll be helping the W.H. Riley heating oil delivery team serve you and your family safely and efficiently.

  1. Keep your walkway and driveway clear. Don’t allow snow and ice to accumulate. That will make access via your walkway or driveway more difficult. That’s dangerous for you, anyone visiting you, and our delivery team. Always ensure that there is a clear and safe path from the street to your fill pipe. This will greatly help our delivery and service crew members provide safe and efficient fuel delivery.
  2. Make your fill pipe easy to locate and access. That will also greatly help us with the delivery process. We recommend that you mark your fill pipe with a brightly colored flag that’s tall enough to be visible after significant snowfall and snow drift. Making your fill pipe easier to find during and following a storm will help you keep a clear path to it and help our delivery personnel find it.
  3. Keep a close eye on your fuel levels. During the winter months, many families find themselves spending more time at home and entertaining more family members and friends. That along with sudden cold snaps can cause you to use more fuel in less time than you might have anticipated. You don’t want to run the risk of a run-out. Call W.H. Riley to schedule a delivery before your tank is less than ¼ full. Or enjoy the ease and convenience of receiving automatic heating oil delivery. We’ll track your fuel use and the weather forecast and automatically fill your tank so you always have enough heating oil.
  4. Keep us in the loop. If you’re already enjoying the benefits of our automatic delivery service, don’t forget to keep us up to date. The more accurate a picture we have of your household’s habits and needs, the more accurately we can deliver for you. Some things to let us know about include changes in the size of your family, upcoming travel plans, and changes to your home like additions or renovations. Anything that could lead to an increase or decrease in your heating oil needs is helpful for us to know about.

Service You Can Count On

You count on W.H. Riley & Son to help keep you safe and comfortable in your home all winter long. We provide our southeastern Massachusetts customers with competitive prices, stellar customer service, and an exemplary safety record.

Contact W.H. Riley today to learn more about our heating oil delivery services in Bristol County and nearby.