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Summer Oil Tank Maintenance

Fill It Up

oil delivery massachusettsNow that New England is deep into summer, you’re probably not thinking about all the things you do to stay warm during the winter months. You’ve long ago traded your boots and sweaters for sandals and tee-shirts. In addition to enjoying lobster rolls and pool parties, chances are you’re spending more time thinking of fun ways to beat the heat. Since this is the season of AC’s, you might be tempted to stop thinking about your heating oil tank and let it run down to a lower level than you would during the colder months. But that’s not a good idea.

Even though winter may feel far away right now, decisions you make now will affect your heating system’s ability to keep you warm and comfortable when it gets cold again. As a responsible heating oil customer, it’s important to never let your heating oil tank run down to empty. That’s even true during the summer months. Actually, it’s a good idea to fill your tank during the summer. And W.H. Riley offers residents in and around Bristol County reliable heating oil delivery.

An Empty Tank Can Cause Problems

There are some serious reasons to keep a full heating oil tank. If your heating oil tank gets close to empty, debris can clog your oil filters. That is likely to reduce the efficiency of your heating system. Worse yet, it could cause it to fail. By keeping a full tank, you avoid the costly repairs associated with a heating system failure as well as the monthly bill increases that result from a system that’s running inefficiently.

W.H. Riley is proud to deliver Bioheat Plus® Fuel, which not only helps your heating system run more efficiently but also helps it last longer and require fewer repairs.

Another problem that comes from letting your tank’s level get too low is condensation. That’s especially true during the summer months when hot and humid days are typically followed by cooler nights. Those conditions can accelerate a buildup of condensation in your tank. Your tank is even more vulnerable to condensation if it’s aboveground, outside, or in an unshaded area. If water is allowed to build up in your tank by means of condensation, it can cause rust, and that rust can cause your heating system to fail. Again, keeping enough heating oil in your tank helps you avoid some very costly problems.

How full is full enough? Ideally, you should keep your tank at least half full all summer long. But the fuller your tank, the less likely you are to experience any of the issues mentioned above. Now is a great time to fill up.

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