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Propane Safety Tips for Thunderstorms

Here’s What to Do

storm safety massachusettsThunderstorms bring a lot of potential hazards and disruptions. W.H. Riley & Son cares about the safety of our customers, and we know you care about keeping your family safe. Now that thunderstorm season is upon us, we want to make especially sure that our propane customers know what to do when thunderstorms are in the weather forecast.

Storm Safety

If you use propane, it’s important you know what to do with regard to your propane tank, appliances, and all related equipment for the safety of everyone in your Massachusetts household. Follow these safety tips before, during, and after a thunderstorm:

  1. Check for leaks. Before the storm, make sure you don’t have any propane leaks—not even a small one. Make sure everyone in your household knows what propane smells like and what to do in the event of a leak.
  2. Find your gas main. You need to know where your gas main is and how to turn it off. Whenever you need to evacuate your home, you should turn off the gas main before you leave. That could help prevent a fire if your tank is damaged and begins to leak during a storm.
  3. Stay away. During the storm, you and your family and pets should stay away from power lines and anything that is a conductor of electricity. That includes your propane tank!
  4. Stay informed. Remain alert and follow all instructions from local emergency personnel and community leaders. They may provide safety updates such as areas to avoid.
  5. Be observant. After the storm is over and you’re sure it’s safe to go outside, take note of fallen trees and downed power lines that could affect your property. Make sure nothing has damaged your propane tank or gas line.
  6. Check your appliances. Inspect all of your propane appliances for damage. Check for visible issues and then run each appliance to make sure there are no malfunctions.
  7. Avoid candles! Never burn candles when inspecting anything powered by propane. Your tank could ignite!

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