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Automatic Delivery Customers: What’s Changed?

When you keep us in the loop, you get the best service

fuel use changes massachusettsWhat’s changed? For most of us, it feels like everything. Covid has changed how and where many of us celebrate, work, study, and consume entertainment. And winter always brings some changes with it—how we dress, how much time we spend at home versus outdoors, etc.

When you keep W. H. Riley & Son up to date on any changes affecting your Massachusetts household, it helps us provide you with the best automatic delivery service—whether you get heating oil or propane gas from us.

Here are some examples of the types of changes that could affect your fuel usage and needs:

  • The size of your household. Have kids gone away to or come back from college or boarding school? Has a friend of family member come to live with you? The number of people in your home will affect how much fuel you consume. Let us know whenever that number changes.
  • Your family’s schedule. Is anyone in your household working more hours from home or taking virtual classes? Do you and your family cook and eat more meals, watch more movies, or generally spend more time at home? Has Covid or the colder weather made your homebodies? If you need to keep your home warm for more hours of the day or are using your propane stove more, that will affect how much fuel you need.
  • Your travel plans. If your home will be empty for days or weeks on end, please let us know so we can adjust your delivery schedule accordingly.
  • Updates and renovations. Have you made any major renovations or additions to your home? If your living space has changed significantly or you’ve added a new propane appliance, that could also affect your fuel needs. Please let us know.

Information keeps us accurate

The more accurate a picture we have of your household’s habits and needs, the more accurately we can deliver for you. So please remember to keep us in the loop. We’ll continue to use your usage patterns and weather forecasts to deliver your fuel in a timely manner.

You can count on W.H. Riley & Son

No matter what else changes, you can count on W.H. Riley & Son to help keep you safe and comfortable in your home all winter long. We provide our southeastern Massachusetts customers with competitive prices, stellar customer service, and an exemplary safety record. Click here to see if we’re in your neighborhood.

Our commitment to meeting your fuel needs hasn’t changed. But if your fuel needs have changed, contact us today.