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Using Propane Safely During a Winter Storm

7 tips for the season

winter propane use massachusettsAs a W.H. Riley & Son propane customer, your safety matters to us. Let’s make sure you’re prepared to make it through the winter safely in your Massachusetts home.

Safe propane usage during the winter

Before, during, and after every winter storm, remember the following propane safety tips:

  1. You should mark your propane tank’s location with a highly visible flag or pole that’s brightly colored and tall enough to remain visible in several feet of snow.
  2. Keep a clear and safe pathway to your tank so that delivery and repair crews can easily access it. Never use a shovel to clear the snow or ice from your tank. That could puncture it. Use a broom instead.
  3. If your tank is near your driveway and you have someone plow your driveway, make sure the driver knows where the tank is located.
  4. Keep plenty of propane in reserve. If there’s a really bad storm, roads may remain closed for several days. That would be a terrible time to have a run-out! Better yet, you should become an automatic propane delivery customer with W.H. Riley. Instead of guessing when you should order more fuel, we’ll do all the necessary calculations and handle the scheduling. You’ll always have an ample supply or propane.
  5. Now is not the time to procrastinate on fixing any of your propane equipment that isn’t working well. Poorly functioning equipment is more likely to have a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide exposure can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, a serious (potentially fatal) medical emergency.
  6. Remember, if you ever have cause to shut down your gas, you are required by law to hire a licensed professional to perform a pressure test and restart your system.
  7. With severe weather events becoming increasingly more severe and more common, this might be the year to install a whole house generator. A whole house propane generator will keep all the appliances and electronics in your home up and running, even when the power is out in your neighborhood. And as a W.H. Riley customer, we will make sure you always have enough propane to power your generator.

For additional propane winter safety tips, click here.

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