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Exploring Propane Uses For Your Home Or Business

propane appliances massachusettsIf you think propane is only for your grill or RV, you’re missing out on one of the most versatile fuels around.

Clean, green propane can be used to power just about any appliance in a residential or light commercial setting. It burns clean, is made in the USA, and can keep the BTUs coming year-round.

Here are just some of the ways that propane can power your southeastern Massachusetts home or business.

Residential Propane Uses

  • Furnaces and space heaters – Because propane generates more heat than electricity, investing in a propane furnace can pay for itself in just a few years. Propane furnaces last longer, too – typically about 50 percent longer than electric heat pumps. Don’t need a whole house heating solution? Direct vent propane space heaters bring the targeted cold-weather comfort you need.
  • Fireplaces – A propane fireplace gives you the beauty and convenience of a wood fire at the click of a button, with no set-up or clean up headaches.
  • Water Heating – High-efficiency propane water heaters cost up to 30 percent less to operate than electric heaters, with a recovery rate that’s nearly twice as fast.
  • Outdoor Living – Transform your ordinary outdoor space into your family’s favorite place to be by adding a propane-powered outdoor kitchen, an outdoor propane fireplace or fire pit, a propane patio heater or propane lighting. You can even add weeks to your outdoor swim season with a propane pool heater.
  • Cooking grills – Nothing beats the precision heat control of a propane cooking grill. Portable and built-in outdoor propane gas grills heat fast and burn clean, with no charcoal residue.
  • Ovens and Ranges – There’s a reason why 95 percent of professional chefs cook with gas rather than electric. With precision temperature control, nothing beats a propane oven and range.
  • Clothes Dryers – Since propane burns hotter than electricity, your propane dryer will operate about run about twice as efficiently as electric dryers.

Commercial Propane Uses

Propane has some great applications for light commercial use, including:

  • Space and water heaters– Commercial propane space and water heaters are a safe, easy to install, and incredibly efficient.
  • Backup generators – Power outages can pose some big financial risks for your business. Backup propane generators can help keep your business online and your employees comfortable while you wait for power from the grid to return.
  • Temporary heating – Propane-powered salamanders and temporary heaters will keep your workers warm and comfortable while they build your construction project.
  • Forklift power – Propane-powered forklifts can run for hours in wet or dry conditions, always delivering full-power performance. When they run out of fuel, simply replace the propane cylinder – no downtime for recharging or refueling.
  • Light commercial vehicle fueling – Propane autogas is less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuel, and won’t leave behind the deposits that will eventually age your equipment. Converting vehicles to burn propane autogas is an investment, but one that will often pay for itself in just a few years.

Clean, green propane: the do-anything fuel for your southeastern MA home or business. Contact us today to learn more about propane equipment installations, propane delivery, and other propane services from W.H. Riley & Son!