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7 Cost-Effective Energy-Saving Tips For Spring

home energy tips massachusettsBelieve it or not, spring 2021 is upon us – but that doesn’t mean your heating equipment is finished for the season, or that your heating bills will stop any time soon (since average temperatures in our service area can dip into the 50s well into June).

But with a little planning and some simple changes in your lifestyle, you can keep those bills as low as possible.

Energy-Saving Ideas For Your Home

Here are some cost-effective ways to help you save energy in the weeks ahead.

  1. Use your programmable thermostat – Proper use of a thermostat could help you save you up to 10 percent on your home energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  2. Keep vents and baseboards clear – Move any furniture, drapery or rugs that could keep heat from reaching your living space.
  3. Close your fireplace damper – An open fireplace damper is like an open window; close it when you are not using your hearth.
  4. Seal air leaks – Inexpensive caulk, weatherstripping, and door sweeps will keep air leaks at bay. Insulation – especially in your attic – is a great bang-for-the-buck energy saver, too.
  5. Change furnace air filters regularly – If you have a forced air system (one with vents rather than radiators or baseboards), one of your most important maintenance tasks is to replace its air filters regularly. Clogged filters rob your furnace of efficiency by making it overwork to keep you warm; that means higher heating bills and more wear and tear on your equipment.
  6. Don’t forget your hot water – Almost 20 percent of your energy bill comes from heating water for your taps and appliances, which means anything you can do to reduce your hot water use will also reduce your fuel bill. Try resetting the thermostat on your water heater to 120°F (the factory setting is usually higher), installing low-flow showerheads and aerators, and washing clothes on the cold setting for starters. If you’re due for a new water heater, choose a high-efficiency propane or tankless model.
  7. Maintain your equipment – Get your furnace or boiler maintained by a professional and you’ll prevent it from losing about five percent efficiency every year. You’ll also avoid most repairs (about 80 percent of which are avoidable if caught early enough) and keep your warranty in force. Routine maintenance pays for itself – don’t skip it!

Stay comfortable and save money this spring with these cost-effective tips and tricks. Want another smart tip? Replace your old, inefficient boiler or furnace with a new, high-efficiency heating system from W.H. Riley & Son. Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on heating system installation in southeastern MA!