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One More Great Reason To Choose Us For Your Heating Oil

oil delivery massachusettsIn addition to providing top-quality, high efficiency Bioheat® Fuel, we here at W.H. Riley & Son are committed to helping your heating equipment run smoothly, efficiently, and reliably whenever you need it.

That’s why we talk so often on this blog about the importance of preventive heating maintenance for your oil-fired furnace or boiler – and why we offer the best heating oil equipment service in southeastern Massachusetts.

It’s also why we treat every gallon of heating oil we sell with HEATDOC™ – at no additional charge to you!

HEATDOC™: Greater Efficiency, Longer Equipment Life

HEATDOC is a premium, state-of-the-art heating oil conditioner that we add to all our fuel, which helps improve fuel efficiency and protect your entire heating system. Used regularly, it will slow oil tank corrosion, prevent sludge from forming in your system, and increase the efficiency and longevity of your heating equipment.

To put it a little more technically, HEATDOC is:

  • an advanced dispersant, which continuously cleans your entire fuel system to reduce nozzle and filter plugging;
  • a corrosion inhibitor, which prevents rust in heating oil systems storage tanks;
  • a metal deactivator, which prevents heating oil sludge from forming as a result of yellow metal contamination; and
  • a middle distillate tri-stabilizer, which extends fuel storage time of #2 heating oil, Bioheat, and ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO).

To learn more about HEATDOC, check out this brochure.

The bottom line? Buying heating oil from W.H. Riley & Son is healthier for your equipment, helping your heating system run better for longer – and you won’t pay a penny more for it. Just one more reason to choose W.H. Riley & Son for heating oil delivery in southeastern Massachusetts!

HEATDOC™ conditioner – keeping your equipment healthier with every heating oil gallon you buy from us! To learn more about top quality heating oil deliveries in southeastern MA – including Bioheat® Fuel deliveries – contact W.H. Riley & Son today.