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Do I Really Need A Boiler Tune-up Every Year?

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It’s early November and we’ve already had our first taste of snow here in New England –before you know it you’ll be running your heating system nearly 24/7 to stay comfortable at home.

But before you put your boiler through that test, make sure you have it serviced by a professional.

What happens during a yearly tune-up?

Annual boiler service includes a series of tests and tasks performed by a licensed and expert heating technician to clean, inspect, test, and prepare your equipment for the heating season push. Although the exact maintenance checklist differs from company to company and often depends on the level of service you pay for, most will include such steps as:

  • Calibrating your thermostat
  • Checking overall boiler function
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Testing safety and limit switches
  • Cleaning and testing burners

The Importance Of Annual Maintenance

There are many benefits to having your boiler professionally checked every year. Here are five of the most important ones:

  • Lower bills – Without regular maintenance, your boiler will lose about five percent efficiency per year on average – which makes a tune-up an investment that will basically pay for itself.
  • Better reliability – The best way to make sure your equipment will withstand the rigors of a New England winter is to have it professionally serviced every year.
  • Early problem detection – Most (about 80 percent) heating system repairs are preventable; routine maintenance will uncover small issues before they turn into more costly boiler repairs.
  • Warranty protection – Many boiler warranties require annual maintenance from a qualified pro. If you don’t have your system serviced, you might find yourself paying for a heating repair even if the equipment is still under warranty!
  • Improved safety – A heating expert can spot the early warning signs of a carbon monoxide problem before it becomes a risk to your family.

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