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What Are The Benefits Of Forced Air Heating Systems?

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When it comes to heating a home in New England, few options do the job better than a forced air heating system.

Powered by gas or oil, a forced air system pushes a volume of heated air through a series of ducts into vents in your living space (if you have a furnace and vents, you have a forced air system; if you have a boiler and radiators or baseboards, you have a hydronic system).

Why choose a forced air system?

  • They can improve air quality. In addition to removing dust and allergens from the air with its own filter, a forced air system can incorporate humidifiers, UV light systems, and other indoor air quality equipment to help you breathe easier at home.
  • They’re energy-efficient. New technologies and other improvements in furnace design have resulted in greater efficiencies than ever for forced air systems.
  • They heat fast. Electric and hydronic heating systems can take a long time to heat your home; furnaces, on the other hand, can quickly provide cozy comfort to the entire home in minutes.
  • They provide lots of value. Known for their longevity and reliability, furnaces have an average expectancy of 15-30 years – typically longer than heat pumps and boilers. With ongoing professional maintenance, furnaces could continue to operate at high-efficiency levels for most of that time.
  • They’re reliable. Furnaces don’t break down as frequently as heat pumps or electric heating systems. To reduce your share of heating repairs, a furnace is a smart choice.
  • They’re safe. Today’s furnaces have stellar safety track records, thanks in part to the multiple built-in features that prevent or warn about everything from toxic fumes to fire hazards.
  • They just fit in. Forced air furnaces share ductwork with central air conditioners to provide year-round comfort.

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