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A/C Tune-ups & Service


Air Conditioning Tune‑Ups and Service Work

Test your A/C NOW and then schedule your tune‑up appointment.

As we approach warmer temperatures W.H. Riley & Son is committed to making sure our customers stay cool this summer.

If you would like to have your A/C tuned up, please give us a call to schedule. Keep in mind that to get a proper reading of Freon levels, the outside temperature must be 65 degrees or higher. This is key to making sure your system runs at peak efficiency.

We also ask that you perform the following exercise to ensure that you won’t be stuck in the heat without air conditioning:

The next time the temperature outside hits 75 degrees or higher, please turn on your A/C. Make sure everything is running and that it is blowing cold air. If it is not, please call us then. This will allow us the flexibility to schedule a time to come out and properly fix your system before you really need it. If you wait until it is 95 degrees to turn it on and find out it doesn’t work, you may have to wait behind many others who have done the same. It’s easy: Test it BEFORE you need it!

We thank you, and appreciate your patronage.

Call your local office to schedule your tune‑up:

North Attleboro: 508‑699‑4651

Taunton: 508‑822‑1282