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A/C Tune-ups & Service


Air Conditioning Tune‑Ups and Service Work.

Test your A/C NOW and then schedule your tune‑up appointment.

As we approach warmer temperatures W.H. Riley & Son is committed to making sure our customers stay cool this summer. We are taking the following steps to ensure that both our technicians and customers stay safe during these times.

If you would like to have your A/C tuned up, please give us a call to schedule. Keep in mind that to get a proper reading of Freon levels, the outside temperature must be 65 degrees or higher. This is key to making sure your system runs at peak efficiency.

We also ask that you perform the following exercise to ensure that you won’t be stuck in the heat without air conditioning:

The next time the temperature outside hits 75 degrees or higher, please turn on your A/C. Make sure everything is running and that it is blowing cold air. If it is not, please call us then. This will allow us the flexibility to schedule a time to come out and properly fix your system before you really need it. If you wait until it is 95 degrees to turn it on and find out it doesn’t work, you may have to wait behind many others who have done the same. It’s easy: Test it BEFORE you need it!

Please read the precautions below before calling to schedule your tune-up or service work.

We thank you, and appreciate your patronage.

Service and installation procedures
effective immediately through June 30*:

The following guidelines will be observed moving forward to ensure the safety of both our technicians in the field and our customers.

  • The service dispatcher will call the customer when the technician is on the way to the customer’s house. The customer should be watching for the technician to pull in so they can agree on a point of entry to the home from a safe distance. Customers can also advise the dispatcher to have the technician use a side door, bulkhead or other means of entry if the customer doesn’t want to interact with the technician at all.
  • All technicians and customers are required to wear masks when social distancing (at least 6 feet apart) is not possible. The exception would be if a technician can get in and out of a customer’s home without any person-to-person interaction within the home.
  • When air filters are replaced, the old air filter will be left onsite for the customer to dispose.
  • Customer signatures are not required on paperwork. The technician will put “COVID-19” in the customer’s signature line and the customer’s copy of the paperwork will be left at the unit being serviced or, if the unit is in a hard to access area (attic, crawl space, etc.), at the front door.
  • For everyone’s safety, customers are required to stay away from technicians while they are performing the service. If the technician feels crowded, he is advised to get into his service truck and call his supervisor. If the customer will not stay away from the technician, the call will be canceled.

Call your local office to schedule your tune‑up:

North Attleboro: 508‑699‑4651

Taunton: 508‑822‑1282

*Date may be extended past June 30.