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Winter Isn’t Over Yet! End Of Season Heating Maintenance.

Winter isn’t over yet!

The first days of spring 2020 are a little more than a month away, but as we New Englanders know better than most, winter can pay little mind to the calendar (remember that mid-March nor’easter a couple of years ago?).

Even without the threat of severe weather, temperatures in our MA and RI service area still dip into the 40s well into May, so your heating system will still be hard at work for a while longer. If you have not taken care of routine heating maintenance yet this season, you’re overdue.

Not sure if you need heating system service?

Here are some things that may indicate that your heating equipment needs attention sooner than later from a W.H. Riley & Son heating repair professional:

  • It’s making strange noises (grinding, banging, etc.)
  • Your vents are not blowing hot air, or your baseboards are not heating up
  • Your power bills are rising compared to last year, despite similar heating use
  • If you have a propane gas furnace with a pilot light, the pilot light is burning yellow
  • Your furnace or boiler won’t turn or stay on
  • Your furnace or boiler won’t shut off

The key to minimizing heating system damage: take care of problems quickly!

The key to preventing potentially costly heating equipment repairs is to be proactive about maintenance, whether or not your system is showing signs like the ones we described above. An annual inspection of your heating system will help identify and address any issues that could get worse down the road.

If you spot a problem, don’t delay – call for heating service immediately! If your equipment needs a repair, it’s still better to catch the problem sooner than later; the more you wait, the greater your chance for a no-heat emergency or a more costly repair – two things you definitely want to avoid.

Avoid late season heating problems with expert heating service in southeastern Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island from W.H. Riley & Son. Contact us today to learn more!