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Heating System Problems? It Could Be Your Ductwork

common ductwork problems

Investing in a top quality furnace and having it installed and serviced by heating system experts can go a long way toward keeping your home heating system performing well and keeping you comfortable over the years.

Unfortunately, even doing all that right won’t guarantee that you won’t have heating issues at some point in your southeastern Massachusetts or northern Rhode Island home.

Part of the reason this is true is that a forced-air heating system includes several components other than your furnace that work together to bring heat to your living space; if any one of those components isn’t working the way it should, problems could arise. One of those components is your ductwork, whose job is to distribute the air your furnace heats throughout your home. If that ductwork is in poor working order, your whole heating system suffers.

3 Common Ductwork Problems in Your Home

Three common signs of problem ductwork include:

  • Hot and cold spots – Uneven heating in your home could have many causes, including having an undersized HVAC system. But if uneven heating seems to be a new problem, leaky ductwork could be to blame. Leaky ducts allow as much as 15 percent of the hot air your furnace produce heat to escape between the walls of your home before it reaches your living space.
  • A sudden rise in your heating bills – Although utility costs can rise, they usually don’t do so very quickly; if you see a big jump in heating costs from one season to another and you’re using your equipment the same way you always have, duct leaks could be to blame.
  • More dust or poor indoor air quality – Small holes or cracks in your ductwork can pull in allergen-carrying dust from between the walls of your home; once that dust is in your ducts, it can easily be distributed throughout your home. If you’ve noticed more dust in your home, or more allergy symptoms when you spend time indoors, your ductwork could be to blame.

Noticing any of these heating issues in your home? It could be time to call in a heating professional to diagnose the problem. Contact us today to learn more about our expert heating system repairs and maintenance to keep your heating system – and your family – healthy all winter long.