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Propane vs Electric

Which Is Right for Your Home?

propane or electric heat massachusetts It’s in the news again. A number of municipalities around the country are trying to legislate their residents towards electrification. Have you wondered how an electric-powered home compares to one that uses propane? Let’s take a look.

The Downside to Electricity

Although electricity gets a lot of buzz, it’s not a perfect energy source. It can prove inefficient for things like heating your home in near-zero weather. And its production has negative effects on the environment. Let’s take a closer look at the drawbacks of electricity.

  • Hurricane season is here, and winter storms are just around the corner. Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly common, and so are the power outages they usually cause. With America’s electric grid what it is and the intensity of todays’ storms, you simply can’t count on electricity 100% for everything. Propane, however, is an energy source you can count on. You can keep cooking in a blackout with propane. And if you have a generator, you can keep appliances up and running in your home with propane. In fact, a whole-house propane backup generator can do just what its name suggests and keep your whole home up and running—from electronics and appliances to your security system to your heating system.
  • An electric heat pump simply doesn’t make sense in Massachusetts. Winters here are cold and harsh. Electric heat pumps become noticeably less effective when the outside temperature approaches zero. They simply aren’t capable of keeping a home comfortably warm on the coldest days and nights. Additionally, installing a heat pump can be extremely expensive.
  • Because most of America’s electricity supply comes from coal-burning power plants, electricity isn’t as green as some would have you believe. In fact, it is the second-largest greenhouse gas source in the country.

The Benefits of Propane

Here are some of the benefits you get when your home is powered by propane:

  • Propane appliances are extremely efficient. They’re usually more efficient than their electric counterparts. For example, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, using a propane water heater instead of an electric one could save you $174 each year. And a propane water heater can produce double the hot water an electric one can in the same amount of time.
  • Propane clothes dryers work 25% faster than their electric counterparts and lead to less static and wrinkles.
  • Propane space heaters are significantly more efficient than electric heaters.
  • After a storm, your neighborhood may experience a blackout. You could be without electricity for days. However, even in the event of extreme weather, you can have access to propane. And W.H. Riley makes propane delivery easy.

Service You Can Count On

W.H. Riley provides service you can count on. We’ve been delivering fuel to our customers since 1873. And we remain committed to providing quality fuel at a fair price.

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