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How Safe Is Heating Oil?

What You Should Know

heating oil massachusettsDo you ever find yourself wondering if oil heat is the right choice for your southeastern Massachusetts home? You should have no doubts. Oil heat is a safe and cost-effective way to heat your home.

There are lots of reasons to feel good about being a heating oil customer. There are also a lot of reasons to feel good about being a customer of W.H. Riley & Son. We have a long and tested history of delivering the best products with the best service.

The Benefits of Heating Oil

There are a number of benefits to using heating oil in your New England home, and safety is at the top of the list. The safety of your household matters to you and it matters to us as well.

Here are some of the benefits heating oil offers, including safety:

  • It’s safe. We know keeping your family comfortable and safe is your top priority. It’s ours too! Here are some things you should know about the safety of heating oil. First, oil doesn’t explode. It can’t. It only becomes combustible once it’s been vaporized by an oil burner at a temperature above 140° Fahrenheit. Furthermore, if something goes wrong and there’s a malfunction, safety devices within your unit are designed to shut your furnace or boiler down before carbon monoxide poisoning puts your household at risk.
  • It’s clean. Heating oil has gotten significantly cleaner and more efficient over the past few decades. And the improvements keep coming. Much of the heating oil being used today has an ultra-low sulfur content. BioHeat® Plus fuel is the industry’s official name for fuel that contains a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and renewable biodiesel that’s made from organic and recycled products. That’s the heating oil W.H. Riley delivers to all our customers.
  • It’s efficient. New oil heat systems are incredibly efficient, achieving efficiency ratings as high as 95%. This means you get more warmth for less fuel. That level of efficiency can add up to savings of 30% on average each year. Want to know how heating oil compares to some of the alternatives? Heating oil burns up to 20% more efficiently than gas, and it’s 30% more efficient than electricity.
  • It’s good for your system. The premium heating oil W.H. Riley delivers helps keep your heating system running cleaner, and that can improve its longevity.

With so many benefits to heating oil, you can feel good about using it in your home. It’s safe. It’s efficient. It’s clean. And it will extend the life of your heating system. And if you sign up for automatic delivery with W.H. Riley, you’ll never have to worry about running too low.

W.H. Riley & Son has been serving southeastern Massachusetts since 1873. We’ve seen (and endured) a lot in all those years, and we’ll continue to stand the test of time and deliver for you. Click here to see if your southeastern Massachusetts neighborhood is in our service area.

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