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Make Propane Safety Fun for Kids

Age-Appropriate Lessons for Children

propane kids massachusettsAt W.H. Riley & Son, we take pride in providing all of our customers (both residential and commercial) with the highest-quality fuels and highest standards of safety and service in southern Massachusetts.

Safety matters to us, and we want all of our propane customers to have a fun and safe summer as they enjoy their propane appliances. That means everyone in your household should know the basics of propane safety–including the kids.

Simple & Fun Propane Info

Propane has a tremendous safety record, but you still need to use it with caution, especially if there are young children in your southern Massachusetts home. Everyone in the household should know the basics of propane safety, especially what to do if they smell gas. Here are some tips for teaching your kids about propane safety. First and foremost, keep it simple and fun.

Give them some responsibility: There are some simple tasks you can put your kids in charge of that will help boost their confidence and make sure they retain the safety information you’re teaching them. Be sure to praise them when they perform their appointed tasks. For example, you can make your child your home’s inspection “Safety Ranger.” Create a checklist of all the propane appliances in and around your home and where the gas and carbon monoxide detectors are located. Teach them that propane smells like rotten eggs.

Let them help with safety planning: Choose a spot that’s a safe distance from your home where everyone in your family will meet in the event of an emergency like a propane gas leak. Any children in the household can help by making a sign for the meeting place and a map of how to get to it.

Practice, practice, practice: Kids perform a number of safety drills at school. You should do the same at home. The repetition will help them learn. Just like a school fire drill, schedule gas leak drills for your family to give your kids a chance to practice your propane emergency safety plan.

Have some fun: The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) website has a section just for kids with fun and educational activities focused on propane and propane safety. There are games, printable coloring pages, science experiments, videos, and more! Click here to check it out.

Safety First at W.H. Riley & Son

W.H. Riley & Son is committed to providing safe propane delivery and service to our southern Massachusetts customers. For even more propane safety information, click here.

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