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What Is Renewable Propane?

Learn about this cleaner energy source

renewable energy massachsuettsPropane can do a lot for your Massachusetts home. It’s one of the cleaner and most efficient fuel options available. It’s also very versatile. Propane can run a variety of your home’s appliances—and it can do so more efficiently (and cost-effectively) than electricity. Propane also has a low carbon profile. It’s a natural by-product of energy production and doesn’t require any expensive infrastructure for its production or delivery.

An introduction to renewable propane

Renewable propane is like traditional propane chemically and in terms of its physical properties. That means they can be used together without the need for expensive or labor-intensive processes. The only real difference is where they come from. Because renewable propane isn’t made from fossil fuels, it presents several advantages to the environment.

How renewable propane is made

Renewable propane is made from water residues and sustainably sourced materials like agricultural waste, cooking oil, and meat fats. It’s commonly a coproduct with biodiesel. Because renewable propane has so many natural sources, it has the potential to be widely available.

Renewable propane has environmental benefits

Renewable propane benefits the environment in two main ways:

  • Landfill diversion: When cooking oils and animal fats are recycled to create biodiesel and renewable propane, that means less waste ends up in a landfill.
  • Carbon reduction: Renewable propane has a better carbon intensity than other energy sources. In fact, the carbon intensity of renewable propane is up to 5 times better than that of diesel or gasoline. And compared to electricity from the US power grid, renewable propane has a carbon intensity that’s up to 1 ½ times better.

Where renewable propane is produced

America has a few renewable propane refineries, and more are in the works. For example, California’s AltAir Fuels produces renewable propane as a coproduct of sustainable jet fuel. In Europe, even more commercial production plants are being developed. Renewable propane represents the next step towards a zero-carbon-emissions future. Visit RenewablePropaneGas.com to learn more.

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