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Why Is It Important to Tune Up Your Heating System?

Autumn is the best time to prepare your boiler or furnace for winter.

why heating maintenance massachusettsAutumn is a season of change. The leaves change color. The days get shorter and shorter. And tee shirts start getting replaced with sweaters and vests. If you’re a smart homeowner, autumn is also a season of preparation. Now is a good time to make sure your New England home is ready for whatever winter has in store. Now is a good time to get a tune-up for your heating system. Whether you have a boiler or a furnace, the technicians at W. H. Riley can make sure your heating system is functioning optimally before it has to do the work of keeping your home warm through the winter months.

Heating systems tune-ups are important

Here are some of the reasons you should get a tune-up for your boiler or furnace this autumn:

  1. You don’t want any unwelcome surprises in the dead of winter. Getting a tune-up now will make sure that your system is prepared to get you through the winter. If it turns out that your system needs more than a tune-up, if you need major repairs or it’s time for an upgrade, better to find out and take care of it now than when you need you need it most. W. H. Riley can handle whatever your boiler or furnace needs. We install, repair, and maintain boilers and furnaces.
  2. Don’t wait for an emergency and fight the rush. If you wait until something goes wrong, chances are you’ll be competing for service with a lot of other customers who are in the same boat. By getting a tune-up now, you’ll have more scheduling options and can choose a date and time that’s convenient for you rather than having the emergency choose the date and time for you. That’s stress you can avoid.
  3. Save money. Without regular maintenance, your heating system can lose up to 5% of its efficiency every year. That’s money you don’t need to spend. Spending money on a tune-up now will save you money all winter because you’ll have a more efficient boiler or furnace.
  4. Save yourself the stress of a breakdown. Nearly 80% of heating systems repairs could have been avoided with routine maintenance. Getting a tune-up will save you stress as well as avoidable repair costs.
  5. Protect your warranty. Yearly maintenance is a common requirement for heating systems. Skipping a maintenance visit may mean you’ll have to pay more out of pocket before your warranty expires.
  6. Stay safe. A heating expert should be able to detect the early warning signs of a carbon monoxide problem before it puts you and your family at risk.

Winter is just around the corner. This fall, let the experts at W.H. Riley & Son make sure your heating system is ready to work reliably and efficiently. Our trained and certified service technicians offer exceptional troubleshooting and repair services for boilers and furnaces. And if they discover you need an upgrade, they can help you through that process too. Click here to see if we provide service in your neighborhood.

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