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What Propane Can Do for Your Home or Business

Advantages to using propane appliances in your home or business

propane applications massachusettsThere are a number of advantages to using propane in your New England home or business. It’s powerful, safe, versatile, and environmentally friendly. Here are five reasons to use propane appliances in your home or business.

  1. Propane is environmentally friendly. Propane is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels—producing almost no greenhouse gas. Using propane instead of electricity to cook, heat your water, heat your home or business, and dry your clothes could cut your carbon emissions in half.
  2. Propane is safe and easy to transport. If there is a leak, propane is nontoxic and will not harm the surrounding air, plants, soil, water, or water-based organisms.
  3. Propane is efficient to produce. Statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show that nearly two-thirds of the electricity generated by most power plants is lost between the plant and the end consumer. By contrast, propane doesn’t degrade and generates energy on the spot.
  4. Propane is reliable. Even if your New England neighborhood experiences a power outage, your supply to propane won’t be interrupted due to extreme weather. A propane generator can make sure that your family is safe and warm no matter what the weather brings.
  5. Propane is versatile. There’s so much propane can do. Keep reading to find out some of the specific ways propane can benefit your home or business.

Propane for your home

Propane can warm your house and provide you with hot water. But that’s not all propane can do in your home. A propane stove gives you precision temperature control that an electric stove can’t match. Propane clothes dryers are faster, more energy-efficient, and result in less static and wrinkles than their electric counterparts. Propane space heaters allow you to get localized comfort all year—whether you’re in your garage, shed, or outdoor living space. You can also use propane to get more mileage out of your pool or hot tub in the cooler months.

Propane for your business

A lot of Massachusetts businesses use propane. If you have a factory or warehouse, propane can safely run your forklifts indoors and outdoors. Propane is a great choice for commercial mowers if you are a landscaper or maintain a golf course. If you have a commercial or high-volume kitchen, propane can help you maintain the quality of your food while keeping up with the demand. Finally, propane is the smart choice for high mileage vehicle fleets.

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