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Bioheat®: The Earth Day Heating Oil

home fuels massachusettsThe theme of 2021’s Earth Day is “Restore our Earth” – a noble aim, to be sure. The good news, if you’re a W.H. Riley & Son heating oil customer, is that you’re taking a step toward doing that every time you fill your heating oil tank.

That’s because every gallon of heating oil you buy from W.H. Riley & Son is Bioheat® Fuel – a blended heating oil made from a combination of ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) and renewable fatty acids found in vegetable oils, animal fats, recycled restaurant oils and other natural sources.

Bioheat fuel is a game-changer for your southeastern Massachusetts home, your heating equipment, and the planet. Check out these facts:

  • Bioheat leaves fewer deposits on heat exchangers, which means fewer heating repairs and a longer lifespan for your equipment (and therefore fewer appliances in the landfill).
  • Bioheat fuel reduces emissions compared to other fuel options, including natural gas and coal- and natural gas-generated electricity. It burns so cleanly, in fact, that Bioheat-fired equipment is not even regulated under amendments of the Federal Clean Air Act.

To top it off, Bioheat is processed domestically, which creates jobs and promotes our energy independence.

Best of all, Bioheat doesn’t cost any more than conventional #2 heating oil – in fact, when you factor in the longer lifespan of your equipment, you’ll spend even less to heat your home. And you can use Bioheat oil without making any modifications to your heating equipment– just schedule a fuel delivery and you’ll enjoy these great benefits for many Earth Days to come.

Celebrate the spirit of Earth Day every time you fill your heating oil tank with Bioheat from W.H. Riley & Son. Contact us today to schedule a heating oil delivery in southeastern MA!