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How Does A Flood Affect My Furnace?

what about my furnace in a flood southeast massechusetts north rhode island

We’re no stranger to flooding here in southeastern Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island – and as some of us know all too well, a flood can have serious impact on the structure of our home and everything within its walls.

One piece of equipment that can suffer during a flood is your home furnace. In some cases, making your furnace safe and functional after water incursion could be as simple as giving it a thorough cleaning – but in other circumstances, you may have to have your heating equipment professionally cleaned or even replaced. The only way to know for sure which is the case is to hire a qualified heating technician to inspect your furnace.

Furnace safety after a flood

While your furnace may continue to operate after a flood, this does not mean it is necessarily safe to use. For one thing, fast-spreading bacteria and mold can grow within the furnace if is not properly dried out and disinfected by a heating professional.

For another, components within your furnace could have become compromised by flood water and excessive moisture. These components, such as the gas valve, safety controls, air circulation components and ignition system, will often have to be replaced.

One of the more serious potential consequences of a flood is a rusty heat exchanger – a hazard that could lead to dangerous exhaust fumes being released into your living space. For these reasons and more, it is vital to have your heating system checked after you experience a flood.

The bottom line on flooded furnaces

As always, your safety is always priority #1: after a flood, have your furnace inspected by a professional before you attempt to use it again. Whether your furnace needs a thorough cleaning and professional heating repairs or to be replaced entirely, we can help you with expert heating service and installations in southeastern MA and northern RI.

Not sure if your furnace is working properly? Contact the heating pros at W.H. Riley & Son for a comprehensive inspection and expert heating system service in MA and RI.