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What Can Happen If Your Furnace Is Installed Incorrectly?

What happens if your furnace is installed incorrectly

Today’s home furnaces are more advanced than ever – a complex blend of electronic and mechanical elements that interact with an equally complex system of heating components throughout your home. For this reason – and several others – a heating system should always be installed by highly trained heating professionals.

What can happen if your furnace isn’t installed correctly? Here are six problems that could arise with poor furnace installation in your northern RI or southeastern MA home:

  • Diminished efficiency – If you purchased a high-efficiency furnace, you paid a premium for that extra performance. But you’ll lose the return on that efficiency investment in the real world without proper professional installation of your heating equipment. An incorrectly installed or improperly sized heating system will overwork to heat your home; among other things, this overwork will cause your equipment to use more energy to do the same job.
  • Fuel leaks – A poor connection to your heating system’s fuel lines could cause a leak, which creates safety risks (see #5 below), poor heating system performance and diminished efficiency (see above).
  • Electrical problems – An improperly installed furnace can overload and trip the circuit breaker that controls it, periodically interrupting your heating service and causing ongoing problems.
  • Duct problems – Poorly designed ducts with ill-fitted connections can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost heated air over the course of a year.
  • Safety risks – Besides causing fuel leaks, an improperly installed furnace can also lead to exhaust ventilation problems – a dangerous risk to your family.

The bottom line: When it comes to installing an oil-fired heating system in northern Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, always call a pro. By working with a trained heating expert from start to finish, you’ll know that your propane– or heating oil-fired furnace is matched to the heating load of your home and installed and working correctly from the first time you set your thermostat to “heat.”

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