Our Company History

The beginnings of a great company

Elmer I. Riley, cofounder

W.H. Riley & Son was founded in North Attleboro, MA in 1873 by William H. Riley and his son Elmer I. Riley to deal coal, wood, straw and building supplies. The company also did furniture moving and teaming of all kinds and was incorporated in 1934.

The products and services have changed with the times so that fuel oil, heating and cooling equipment, gasoline, diesel fuel and propane gas have replaced the coal, wood, hay and straw of 1873.

In the mid 1930’s the company extended into the Taunton, MA area and present day operations are carried on at 35 Chestnut Street in North Attleboro and 125 Winter Street in Taunton and serve the southeastern Massachusetts area.

Even though the company is now using the most modern computer and communications equipment to streamline operations and offers an array of new and innovative marketing strategies, the commitment to the highest quality products and service that have enabled the company to grow and prosper over the past one hundred and thirty years is still carried on by the present management who are the great, great, great grandchildren of old William H. Riley, which is quite a record in this age of mergers, failures and buyouts.

An excerpt from the October 18, 1898 edition of the Attleboro Evening Chronicle:

Dealers in Coal, Wood, Hay, Straw and Builders’ Materials, Est Street, near Washington Street, North Attleboro.
Under the name of W. H. Riley & Son, is carried on the largest coal business in town and to it are added other lines, which make up one of the industrial features of North Attleboro. As W. H. Riley & Son, Mr. W. H. Riley and his son, E. I. Riley, commenced the business twenty-five years ago, and upon the death, eleven years ago, of Mr. W.H. Riley, another son, Mr. C. E. Riley, was taken into the firm and the two brothers have since continued the business under the original name. They do a large business in coal, wood, lime, cement, hair, drain pipe, fertilizers, hay and straw, and building material, and personal attention is given to furniture moving and jobbing of all kinds. In the business they find use for twelve men.

Common to all the products or services W.H. Riley & Son has offered over the past 130 years is personal service. This dedication to excellence and dependability is why “You can rely on Riley!”

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