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People are talking about W.H. Riley & Son

When you’ve provided service to the community as long as we have at W.H. Riley & Son, you leave impressions on your customers. Here are a few of their comments…

“We have been a customer for 41 years. The company also installed a heating system in our finished basement that was completed with neat workmanship, and it is still operating without problems. The few times the burner went out, a W.H. Riley repairman was at our home within 20 minutes. Our burner is cleaned yearly and continues to run efficiently.

“We recently installed gas fireplace logs with the help of W.H. Riley service and propane product. They were very helpful and showed up exactly when they said they would be to complete their part of the project.

“We chose to be a customer of W.H. Riley many years ago and will continue because of their excellent service record. Our oil is always delivered on time. We never worry about running out of oil, and Riley passes on the fairest product cost to their customers.

“Thank you W.H. Riley. May we enjoy many more years of your excellent service!”

(Ron & June E.)


“My husband and I are both very active, and the last thing I want to worry about is my heat. I appreciate not having to check my tank constantly or worry about who is coming into my house. Anytime I have had a problem, it’s been taken care of quickly, without costing me an arm and a leg. If that’s what you mean by full service, it’s worth every penny.”

(Martha S.)


“When we first moved in, we figured we’d just shop around for the lowest price. Sure enough, we found a guy with a truck who got us oil for less. The big problem happened on our second delivery.

“After he delivered, our burner stopped working. We still don’t know whether it was bad oil or just a coincidence, but when we called him about it, he refused to deal with us. To make matters worse, we had to call a plumber, and we were without heat for over a day, adding to our frustration. That ‘discount’ oil became expensive real fast.

“A subsequent call to W.H. Riley & Son put our minds at ease as they set us up on a maintenance plan and automatic delivery.”

(Mary & Michael W.)


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